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In order to determine whether mold is present without any visual identification a test must be completed. Any company that offers mold removal services should not offer mold testing as it is a conflict of interest and can be easily manipulated. There are two methods of mold testing. The first is through an air sample. A sample of the air is taken and analyzed in a lab, where the mold spores are counting. Should their be a large amount of spore count in a certian area, will deem a mold problem. The second method of testing is through a swap or tape lift. This anaylzes the mold spores count on a specific surface. Both test will determine the amount of mold in a given area, as well as the type of mold. There are over 5000 different types of mold and in order to give an accurate inspection an air quality test must be performed. With a thorough understanding of what our experts will be dealing with, the inspectors will have a more detailed and accurate scope of work.

Any mold removal company that conducts their own testing is conflicting with major industry gudielines. To ensure complete accuracy and honesty, we use non-biased 3rd party laboratories. Changing results of mold testing is very common and easy, which is why using third party companies allows or complete transparency. We believe in providing customers with the best service, and we do not perform work unless it is completely necessary.  

We allow our customers to bring in any mold testing company to test our work, as we will gaurentee the mold removed. Should you not be able to find a trust worthy company, we work along side the best environmental organizations that we can recommend. 

Mold Removal Calgary hsa experienced and certified professionals working all around the greated calgary area. There hasn't been a mold situation where we haven't been able to help. If you are not sure if you have mold or not, and need a free consultation give us a call today. We will identify your needs, the proper steps that must be taken, and help you through the entire processes.

We do not cover or paint over mold, there is only one way to remediate mold and that is to complete remove it.

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