Mold Remediation in Calgary – The Way you Should Do it

Molds are the most irritating thing that one can find in a commercial place or in a home. But molds are all pervasive and omnipresence because they tend to emerge at the slightest chance and can contribute to the damage of the building. Since molds, if left untreated, can lead to health related problems to those people who come in contact with them, we need to opt for Mold remediation service to fix this issue. 

Damp building is the ideal place for molds to thrive in and therefore, we need to keep a close eye on the areas of a building that don’t have proper air circulation and the places, where the humidity level is quite high. Molds produces spores and then these spores get spread into the air. As these spores get transported by air, people with medical conditions start feeling irritation in their throats, eyes and noses. So, if you feel that some of your family members have started feeling unwell and are suffering from the aforementioned symptoms, you should get in touch with us, a leading name in the field of Mold remediation in Calgary. 

However, it is not just the irritation; long term exposure to molds can cause serious damage to human health. Neurological disorders and in some worse cases, a person can even die from the long term exposure of molds. Places that are exposed to humid weather are the perfect place where molds grow. Places that mostly go unnoticed like ceilings, air-conditioning ducts etc should be checked thoroughly, whenever you find that some of your family members have grown some kind of irritations. 

However, do not panic if you find that molds are growing on walls, floor or on the ceiling because there are ways to eradicate these molds. Though people tend to use chlorine or bleach to get rid of these molds, this is definitely not an environment friendly or the proper way to do this.  Chlorine when gets dissolved in water, forms a toxic compound which is hazardous to microorganisms living in water and soil. Moreover, this toxic compound is not safe for humans as well. In order to properly remove all mold spores, it must be completely removed. Meaning whatever the material it has grown on, must be cut out. 

However, there are some environment friendly ways to do this. Most restoration companies use eco-friendly plant based materials during clean up. If the mold growth is a small amount (under 10m² according to industry standards) can be cleaned by a mixture of water and soap.  

However, if none of them works, it means you need to consult with us. We are a leading Mold remediation specialist in Calgary and will help you get rid of those nasty molds. So get in touch with us.

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