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Do you have signs of visible mold growth in your residential or commercial property?

If your answer is yes, then contact Mold Removal Calgary for a free visible mold inspection in Calgary and surrounding areas. (403) 476-0959

The necessity for mold removal may come up at any time and under many circumstances. Insufficient ventilation in the shower, foundation leaks in the basement, seepage from the washer, high humidity in the attic, all of these situations and more, can lead to mold growth!

Mold Removal Calgary encourages you to contact a professional whenever you find mold in your house or business! Only a certified mold professional can evaluate the seriousness of the mold and recommend the correct measures required to remediate your property. Mold Removal Calgary provides FREE visible mold inspections in the Calgary area, it never hurts to get a professional consultation on the matter!

Mold growth is promoted by three factors: oxygen, a food source for the mold and, most importantly, moisture. Mold spores easily find these favourable conditions in our homes and buildings. Mold spores that are present in the air attach to a food source, which is any organic material, add moisture into the mix and the mold spores begin to duplicate themselves in no time at all. Obviously we know that oxygen is always around and our homes are full of organic surfaces that mold can absorb; wood, drywall, wallpaper, tiles and carpet. Whenever an organic surface gets wet and stays wet for 24-48 hours mold will begin to grow.

Mold Removal Calgary provides the following services:

  • Mold removal in attics
  • Mold removal in basements
  • Mold removal in cold rooms and crawl spaces
  • Mold removal in living areas
  • FREE mold inspections
  • Air quality testing (by a 3rd party laboratory)
  • Black/toxic mold removal
  • Grow ops cleaning and restoration

Mold Removal Calgary is your local mold removal expert, operating on behalf of Canada’s Restoration Services. We apply the latest technologies and years of experience to provide quality mold removal services in the Calgary area.

If you find visible mold in your house, smell mildew or a moldy odour or are experiencing unexplainable health symptoms (allergies, respiratory problems, headaches or even a runny nose) – contact Mold Removal Calgary for a FREE mold inspection that will give answers to all of your mold-related questions!

Don’t procrastinate – the longer you wait – the more damage the mold can cause to your house and your health! Mold Removal Calgary can bring you peace of mind and health by taking care of your mold problem and correcting the issues that caused it in the first place! Call us today: (403) 476-0959!

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